Supplemental Material to the IEEE 1685 Standard for IP-XACT

Standard Structure for Packaging, Integrating, and Reusing IP within Tool Flows

Recommended Vendor Extensions to IEEE 1685-2009 (IP-XACT)

IP-XACT describes the meta-data of IP designs and flows and the interconnection of IP interfaces in a standard specification. The IP-XACT extension mechanism supports user-defined vendor features to implement specific tool or flow features, such as to store vendor-specific IP meta-data like GUI-related data. These new extensions published by Accellera enable cross-company IP-XACT usage in emerging areas of design such as analog-mixed signal; physical design planning; and power.

The addition of AMS extensions expands the scope of IP-XACT to include analog/mixed-signal/digital IP, enabling designers to describe electronic meta-data in various flows, as well as generate hardware description language structures such as Verilog-AMS or SystemC AMS. The extensions also support the description of power information to generate conventional files such the Common Power Format (CPF) and the Unified Power Format (UPF). These extensions also enable descriptions of area estimates for the purpose of physical design planning. 

IP-XACT User Guide

The two main existing sources of information regarding the IP-XACT standard are the actual document defining the standard (IEEE 1685 Standard for IP-XACT, Standard Structure for Packaging, Integrating, and Reusing IP within Tool Flows), and the XML schema files that define the syntax of the standard. The IEEE document is required to be a normative description of the standard. The XML schema files contain some documentation, but are primarily a definition of the standard in a machine readable format. Neither of these information sources provides a user perspective nor any meaningful usage details. The primary motivation of this document is to fill this gap of missing user oriented documentation regarding the IP-XACT standard.

The IP-XACT Extensions, List of issues and User Guide were developed by the IP-XACT Working Group.

Current Release

Item Download Date Modified
IP-XACT User Guide User guide for the IEEE 1685 Standard for IP-XACT March 2018
IEEE 1685-2009 Vendor Extensions 1.0 Recommended Vendor Extensions to IEEE 1685-2009 May 2013
IEEE 1685-2014 Issues List of issues and clarifications to be addressed in next version of standard April 2020

XML Schema

The XML Schema, including legacy versions from The SPIRIT Consortium, can be found here:



Download legacy SPIRIT Example BusDefs

Leon2 Example

The Leon2 1685-2014 example is an IP-XACT processor design description, distributed to illustrate in a comprehensive manner many aspects of the IP-XACT standard such as component content and connections, bus interfaces, memory map and others. Download Leon2 example here (.zip file 2.33 MB).

Conversion to Newer Schema Versions

In order to facilitate conversion to newer versions of the IP-XACT schema, XSL scripts are available to convert from version N to version N+1. The up-conversion will generally produce a valid file in the newer schema version but there are a few cases where automated conversion is not feasible. The conversion scripts are available here (.zip file 53 KB).