Tutorial: Verification and Automation Improvement Using IP-XACT

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Presented at DVCon 2012 on February 27, 2012

IP-XACT was created by the SPIRIT Consortium and is now part of Accellera Systems Initiative. IEEE 1685, the IP-XACT standard, describes an XML Schema for metadata documenting Intellectual Property (IP) used in the development, implementation and verification of electronic systems and an Application Programming Interface (API) to provide tool access to the metadata. This schema provides a standard method to document IP that is compatible with automated integration techniques.

Improving the productivity of IP-based design is essential. This tutorial focuses on providing an opportunity to learn more about IP-XACT and how this standard can be used to enhance your IP based design and verification flow. It is presented by the members of the IP-XACT Technical Committee.

The tutorial is composed of four sections:

  • Part 1: Improving Verification Efficiency using IP-XACT
    This section introduces some of the main ways that IP-XACT can be used to improve verification efficiency and IP quality.
    John Swanson, Synopsys

  • Part 2: User Presentation: Verification and Automation Improvement Using IP-XACT
    This section introduces a user perspective on how the industry is using IP-XACT to enable higher productivity and quality verification flows.
    Kamlesh Pathak, STMicroelectronics

  • Part 3: IP-XACT and UVM
    Many aspects of the hardware/software (HW/SW) interface can be described using IP-XACT. This presentation introduces some of the IP-XACT HW/SW interface constructs and shows how these can be used to provide automation for UVM register packages allowing very efficient HW/SW interface verification through UVM.
    David Murray, Duolog Technologies

  • Part 4: IP-XACT Extensions
    As the scope of IP-XACT usage increases, it is sometimes necessary to add extensions onto IP-XACT. This section shows how easy it is to extend IP-XACT to capture different data domains and introduces some of the emerging extensions that are currently being standardized.
    Sylvain Duvillard, Magillem Design Services

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